Sogol Zameni

Sogol Zameni



Visual Artist
Creative Designer
Art Director

Welcome to my creative world! I’m SOGOL ZAMENI,

a passionate and experienced visual artist, creative designer, art director, and idea developer based in Toronto.

I believe that art is the embodiment of thought, story, and the extraordinary magic of imagination, allowing us to craft vibrant, personalized worlds within.


Imagination as a Gift:

Imagination is a remarkable gift, one that enables us to shape our realities. With every creative undertaking, I harness the boundless potential of the mind to create worlds of beauty, intrigue, and meaning.

What I Do:

As a visual artist, my expanse knows no bounds. I specialize in generating ideas and bringing them to life through a diverse range of mediums, including digital arts, illustration, typography, video art, and multidimensional creations. In an effort to create conceptual visuals that resonate with the soul.

Creativity Unleashed:

In the realm of creativity, I infuse imagination into every project. Whether it’s shaping a brand’s identity, crafting innovative artworks, or creating mesmerizing video pieces, I firmly believe that every work of art should narrate a story and evoke emotions.

Art Direction:

As an art director, I lead projects with a holistic vision. My goal is to ensure that every element aligns seamlessly to convey the intended message. From inception to execution, I take pride in orchestrating visual harmony that resonates.

Idea Development:

As an idea developer, I transform concepts into compelling realities. I focus in conceptualizing creative campaigns, strategies, innovative solutions, and narratives, breathing life into visions and shaping them into impactful projects.

Why Choose Me?

My journey in the creative realm has been filled with exploration, experimentation, and innovation. I thrive on challenges, pushing boundaries, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Let's Create Together:

I’m here to collaborate and bring your creative visions and ideas to life. Whether you’re an individual seeking artistic inspiration or a business aiming to elevate your brand, we can connect and work together to transform your ideas into captivating realities.

Explore my portfolio to see the magic I can weave, and don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your next project. Together, we can make the world a more beautiful place, one design at a time.


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